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Grace Point Kennel's

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Our Breeding Philosophy

Breeding Bird Dogs

We breed bird dogs. So our priority lists starts with breeding only dogs that we have either personally hunted behind or have the titles to support there quality. We breed for healthy conformationally sound dogs as well. We breed for family companionship, we absolutely will not tolerate aggretion in our lines and often pass up quality dogs due to a temperment issue that we dont like. If you breed "sure enough bird dogs" you'll produce "sure enough bird dogs"


  1. Setter Pup
    Setter Pup
  2. 3 Month Setter pup
    3 Month Setter pup
  3. Setter
  4. Vizsla Pup
    Vizsla Pup
  5. GSP Pup
    GSP Pup
  6. Young Vizsla
    Young Vizsla